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DENVER (KDVR) — Local hospitals are urging people to be a little more cautious when it comes to interacting with others right now.

That’s because in addition to COVID-19 and the flu, several other viruses are popping up in communities along the Front Range.

According to National Jewish Health in Denver, we’re starting to see more cases of the adenovirus, rhinovirus, enterovirus and RSV impacting both adults and children in the Denver metro area.

The rhinovirus is the predominant cause of the common cold many of us get in the fall and winter months.

Adenoviruses cause cold-like symptoms, fever, sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia and several other issues.

Local health officials say the adenovirus and RSV started peaking early in the Summer, which is pretty unusual for those viruses.

“What we learned this last year is that a lot of hand sanitation, wearing masks and kind of keeping your distance from others and staying home when you’re sick — that helps with everything. It helps with COVID, but it also helps with flu and RSV and all of the other cold and viruses we see,” said Dr. Carrie Horn, chief medical officer at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Last year’s flu season wasn’t all that awful, partially due to more people staying at home.

The last really bad flu season in the metro area was 2014-2015, according to National Jewish Health.