DENVER (KDVR) — Buying a home along the Front Range can be a challenging process.

Home costs in Colorado have been high for some time, but now we’re seeing more single-family homes popping up with $1-million price tags.

Depending on which part of the state you’re looking at, a million bucks will either get you a little or a lot.

For instance, in Boulder you can find a five-bedroom home in the Gun Barrel community listed at $1,075,000.

Boulder’s home prices tend to skew higher than many other Front Range communities.

“Our price point in Boulder, we hit an average of a million dollars several years ago for a single-family home. Whereas in Denver we were at around $650 on average. So, you can get more for your money in Denver,” Kelly Moye with the Colorado Association of Realtors.

There are currently 74 single-family homes in Boulder County listed above a million bucks and 57 single-family homes listed below.

In Denver, a $1,075,000 price tag will get you a six-bedroom home along 4th Ave. It’s a home that has undergone a lot of renovations.

“There are homes out there that need a lot of work that are a million too and they’re priced appropriately. So. it’s interesting to see how our market has joined San Francisco, New York, Chicago as expensive places. In fact, I believe Colorado is listed in the top 5 most expensive places to leave. So, a million doesn’t get you as much as you’d think,” Moye added.

There are currently 49 single-family homes in Denver listed above $1-million and 149 listings below.

In Northern Colorado you’ll get more bang for your buck.

For $1,100,000 you can get a newer five-bedroom, four-bath home along Willow Drive in Mead.

“The ground is more affordable and therefore the houses are more affordable. So you can actually get a pretty nice house. Really big, fairly new, maybe even with a little land. So the opportunities in Northern Colorado for something that is pretty fancy are pretty good!” Moye said.

In Larimer County there are currently 233 homes listed over a million bucks and 50 that are under.