Watch video: Colorado mom allegedly feeds wine to baby

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Mom on video allegedly giving wine to baby

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LOVELAND, Colo. — The allegation is disturbing, the video, even more so.

FOX31 Denver investigators obtained cell phone video of a Colorado mom allegedly feeding wine to her 15-month-old son.

The person who shot it, and asked to be anonymous, said an hour later the baby could not stand up.

She turned the video over to the Loveland police department, and to Investigative Reporter Heidi Hemmat because she believes exposing 26-year-old Alexandra Bremkamp may be the only way to force her to get help.

In the cell phone video, Bremkamp is seen offering her drink to her son and saying, “You like it huh … just a little bit.”

Then she looks into the camera and says to the person recording it, “You’re not (expletive) videotaping me are you? Really? That’s horrible. This is incriminating.”

Despite how “incriminating” it could be, Bremkamp doesn’t ask for the videotaping to stop as she continues to give the 15-month-old sips of her drink over and over again. Then Bremkamp laughs, and says “cheers” into the camera.

The person who captured the video says after an hour of drinking, the little boy appeared intoxicated. “He was very unstable, running—he would fall. He would go over to his toys and hang on so he could try to stay up.”

Bremkamp refused to do an interview or provide a statement, but her mother Patty Bremkamp agreed to watch part of the video and told Hemmat, “That’s my daughter, she’s got a terrific sense of humor and she’s acting silly. That’s not wine, that’s probably one of those sparkling things that I gave her.”

But that’s not what Alexandra Bremkamp says on video. “It’s OK. It’s just wine. People put (expletive) whiskey on their bottle’s gums every day and you think three sips of wine is going to do nothing.”

Then the person recording the video responds by saying, “It’s not three sips of wine,” to which Alexandra replies, “It’s like four, OK.”

A medical expert we spoke to says even a small amount of wine could be enough to harm a toddler. It only takes two ounces to get a 28-pound child intoxicated. It can also cause irritability, confusion and seizures. Repeat exposure could damage the child’s brain.

A Loveland police spokesperson tells FOX31 it is investigating the allegation and has also notified child protective services.

But because those records are not public, we do not know if the state will be taking any action.

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