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DENVER — Video of what’s described as an assault at a Broncos game is going viral online.

Stadium and team officials said an easy-to-use reporting method is in place to create faster response times. Since 2007, fans have been able to text issues to security and provide officers specific locations.

The number used to text security is on display throughout Sports Authority Field at Mile High. An average of 24 text messages per game were received by security officials last year, according to the Broncos.

As the Broncos were losing to the New England Patriots on Sunday, the fallout wasn’t only on the field.

What witnesses described as an assault was playing out in the stands. Rolando Rankin, a lawyer living in Alabama, shot the now-viral video.

“The guy in the black hat and the dark shades — he kept getting up going back and forth,” Rankin said. “Maybe about the fifth or sixth time that he was coming back, I think he bumped into them and spilled some beer.”

The Denver Police Department said the assault was never reported to officers. No arrests had been made as of late Tuesday.

The man seen on video throwing punches vanished into the crowd before security arrived, according to Rankin.

“I just think security could’ve gotten there a little sooner,” Rankin said.

Authorities at the stadium said foul language and unruly behavior are the most common issues reported through texting.

Ushers throughout the stadium are also armed with tablets, making it easier to report incidents to the event command center.

Public records indicate most incidents at the stadium are handled by on-site security, resulting in few emergency calls to police.