FORT LUPTON, Colo. (KDVR) — A man is searching for his truck and trailer stolen from a Fort Lupton ranch in broad daylight over the weekend.

Brit Ellerman said he was heading into town with his girlfriend to run some errands Sunday afternoon. When they arrived back at the ranch, Ellerman said his girlfriend was missing her makeup bag, so they went back into town to look for it.

“As we continued to look through the car, we noticed more and more things missing,” Ellerman said. 

That’s when Ellerman noticed the keys to his truck and trailer back at the ranch, along with the registration, were missing. The two now realized the truck they were in had been broken into while they were running errands.

“In about the 10 minutes that it took us to realize that and get back home, my truck and horse trailer were both gone from right in front of the barn,” Ellerman said. 

Ellerman said the whole thing happened sometime between 2:53-3:03 p.m. on Sunday. 

‘It doesn’t feel like it was random’

“The hardest part about the whole thing is it doesn’t feel like it was random,” Ellerman said. “It almost had to be premeditated, and that’s something, especially growing up in the community and knowing some of the people here is hard to believe.” 

Ellerman said it took him by surprise. 

“That’s not something you really prepare for or think about. I grew up here in this community. It was just kind of disappointing to know that you live somewhere your whole life and you come back home and all your stuff is gone,” Ellerman said.

Ellerman said he filed a report with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. There were also horse saddles, equipment and other items in the stolen trailer. 

He’s hoping to warn others it can happen to anyone.  

“The stuff that we have is stuff,” Ellerman said. “I’d love to have my stuff back, but I also don’t want that to happen to someone else.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at 970-356-4015.