ENGLEWOOD, Colo (KDVR) — It’s been a year-and-a-half since a trash truck driver slammed into an Englewood house, barely missing David Silva and his dog inside.

At the time, Silva knew the damage was severe, but he never could have predicted how long it would take to move back in. 

“It’s been the worst year of my life,” Silva said. 

Silva said the issue stems from a gas line and meter removed by Xcel Energy after the crash. He said construction crews have told him they can’t finish the job until it’s replaced.

“For some reason, they can’t decide who, when, where, why the gas was shut off,” he said, “and who’s responsible for hooking it up again.”

The Problem Solvers reached out to Xcel on Tuesday, and within hours, a technician was at Silva’s home trying to troubleshoot the issue. That technician was unable to speak on the record to FOX31, but Silva said he believes the wheels are rolling on a fix.

FOX31 requested more information from Xcel. The company responded on Tuesday evening with this statement:

We understand this customer is anxious to have the construction completed on their home and put this incident behind him and have spoken with him directly.

We received an order to install a new meter on August 10th, after the county completed its inspection on August 8th. Our crews have been to the site and will have a new meter safely installed by the end of the week. We appreciate the customer’s patience.

Xcel Energy