Ticket from HOA parking violation raises concerns with residents

Problem Solvers
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DENVER — A vague parking violation ticket raises concerns among residents in Northglenn.

Cameron Carolus said he was parked outside his girlfriend’s townhouse for 45 minutes on Monday evening. When he came outside, he found a yellow ticket on his windshield.

“I was kind of shocked when I saw the ticket,” said Carolus.

The ticket cited expired tags, but didn’t have a phone number anywhere on the ticket.

“Originally I thought it was a scam, because there was no phone number,” said Carolus.

He had updated his plates, but not yet added the appropriate sticker. He called several local police stations hoping to fight it, but to his surprise, it wasn’t issued by any local law enforcement.

“They said it might be a fake ticket,” said Carolus.

The ticket said “Parking Authority LLC” but no contact number, only a vague online link to send your payment.

“There’s no phone number to call so you would have no way of getting in touch with anybody who administered the ticket without doing your research,” said Carolus.

The two eventually learned the ticket was from a towing company hired by the Homeowners Association to patrol.

The property management president did tell the Problem Solvers that the tow company will issue tickers or tow expired vehicles, abandon cars or disabled vehicles.

They would not provide any additional comment.

Warning signs are posted throughout the neighborhood.

“I just don’t understand how a tow truck company can give out expired license plates tickets since they’re a tow truck company,” said Carolus.

Management did tell the Problem Solvers that residents do sign a copy of rules and regulations for the neighborhood.

The Problem Solvers were unable to reach Parking Authority LLC.

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