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DENVER — A Denver man contacted the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers in hopes of warning others of a car wrap scam. He said everything looked legitimate until he got a check in the mail.

Tyler Torbet said he was looking to make some extra cash to support his young family.

So when he stumbled upon a Facebook ad looking for people to wrap their vehicles in Pepsi logos and get paid to drive around, he responded by email.

After filing out forms by email, Torbet said he was sent a check for close to $2,000. He said he was told to cash the check, keep $400 for himself, and then send the rest of it to the company that would wrap his car.

Lucky for Torbet, his bank caught on to the scam. The teller told him the check was fake. But Torbet said the scammers were persistent.

“And they continued to send me check after check after check,” he said. “I said ‘I know the checks are fake. I’d appreciate it if you guys stopped sending me fake checks.’”

That’s when Torbet said the scammers turned threatening. He said the last email they sent said “watch your back.”

“They know where I live,” Torbet said. “I have a family, you know?”

So Torbet wanted the Problem Solvers to warn others. The number listed in the Facebook advertisement went to voicemail. The email address Torbet was corresponding with was a Gmail address.

The Federal Trade Commission put out the “Rap on Car Wrap Scams” in 2013. Officials said legitimate companies like Pepsi would never pay people by asking for money to be wired.

Take it from Torbet, if you fall for it, “You’re screwed and you’re going to have to pay that money back.”

If come across a similar scam, file a complaint with the FTC.