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DENVER (KDVR) — Can you believe Christmas is next week? New data shows a lot of people have yet to even start their holiday shopping.

If there was ever a day to do your shopping, at least from online retailers, today would be the day.

That’s because Dec. 14 is National Free Shipping Day; meaning online retailers will take care of shipping costs.

A new survey from shows 80% of consumers have been changing their minds about buying a gift because shipping takes too long.

Granted, we’re all pretty much up against the clock here, but consumer experts tell the Problem Solvers to make sure your packages arrive on time still while avoiding heft fees, follow these three steps: know holiday return policies, be aware of shipping deadlines and try and compare shipping prices and rates. That’s because some are better than others.

“While some retailers you can find them both online and in store, maybe the store is too far away or you have to ship it back, you may have to pay for that. Or if the store offers free returns, which is a really great perk. So that way you’ll know these items in your budget and eliminate any headaches later on,” said Rebecca Gramuglia, a consumer expert with

Here’s a look at shipping deadlines:


Domestic serviceShip date
GroundDec. 15
3Day Friday, Express SaverDec. 21
2Day Freight, 2DayDec. 22
1Day Freight, Extra HoursDec. 23
Same DayDec. 24


Domestic serviceDate (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)Date for AlaskaDate for Hawaii
USPS Retail GroundDec. 15Dec. 2N/A
First-Class MailDec. 17Dec. 18Dec. 17
Priority MailDec. 18Dec. 18Dec. 17
Priority Mail ExpressDec. 23Dec. 21Dec. 21


Domestic serviceShip date
GroundCheck the UPS website for deadlines
3-Day SelectDec. 21
2nd Day AirDec. 22
Next Day AirDec. 23

That same survey asked respondents: do you ever change your mind about buying a gift because the shipping is too expensive? A whopping 87% said yes.