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DENVER (KDVR) — There’s new research out detailing just how expensive certain traffic tickets will increase your auto insurance costs in Colorado.

The data, compiled by the insurance comparison site ‘The Zebra’, highlights the 10 most expensive traffic tickets in particular in Colorado, as well as the percentage and price increase they’ll have on your insurance compared to last year:

Source: The Zebra

Price and percentage increases vary state by state; the same goes for the stacking how severe each violation is per state.

For instance, if you get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in North Carolina your insurance rates can jump up by $417 annually, while the same exact ticket in Indiana wouldn’t raise your rates at all.

“Colorado is one of the only states where leaving the scene of an accident is the #1 infraction. In many cases, it’s driving under the influence – which can be very deadly as we all know – both for the driver and the innocent people on the road – so the fact that that’s a bit of an outliner in Colorado is certainly interesting when we take a look at the nationwide data,” explained Nicole Beck with The Zebra.

According to ‘The Zebra’, a single traffic ticket, such as a hit and run, can raise insurance rates by as much as 73% or $1,083 a year in some states.

Insurance agents tell the Problem Solvers, depending on your ticket violation there are still ways for drivers to save.

“The best advice I can give if that happens to you is really shop around for different insurance. A lot of people don’t realize that different companies really cater to different types of drivers. If you have low credit or a lot of accidents or multiple cars and you insure your home – there’s a different insurance company that serves different people in that stage in life,” said Beck.

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