Tenants deal with big plumbing problem at Glendale apartment complex

Problem Solvers
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GLENDALE, Colo. — Tenants living in a local apartment complex are dealing with major plumbing problems. They said wastewater from the toilet has backed up onto the floor.

Lily Callan, who lives at the 180 Flats, said she cannot currently use her bathroom. Not only is the wastewater mess causing a health concern, it’s also against the law as the landlord must keep the unit in a habitable condition.

“There’s brown water pouring out of our toilet,” Lily Callan said.

Wastewater spread down the hallway inside Callan’s apartment on Saturday.

“It basically smelled like one of the worst port-o-potties at a music festival you could ever smell,” Callan said.

Early Saturday morning, her shower backed-up and the toilet wouldn’t flush. She called emergency maintenance – and says another company unclogged the drain.

“The maintenance guy tried to put a snake down the drain and he told me the snake was too short. The outside vendor came and they did unclog the drain but didn’t clean up any of the mess from the flood and he tracked it all around our apartment,” Callan said. “You can see spatter from sewage they never cleaned up.”

She and her boyfriend used towels to mop it up, but she said the area has not been sanitized – and she says the toilet still does not work.

“We have no bathroom no shower. We have to use a gate to keep our animals blocked off from the area, because it’s a level three health risk and our dog is not vaccinated all the way, being a puppy,” Callan said.  “The canine parvo virus is spread through fecal matter and through the bottom of your feet, so if he’s walking on hardwood floors covered in brown water it’s the worst-case scenario for a puppy owner.”

The Problem Solvers went looking for answers in the leasing office, but were told to talk to their corporate office. They have not returned calls.

Denver attorney Jacob Eppler specializes in tenant and landlord laws.

“This tenant has a right to have functional plumbing,” Eppler said.

Eppler said tenants in this situation must submit a written notice to the landlord about the issue, which Callan did. If the problem is not resolved within five days, Eppler said they can break their lease.

“This tenant can send a letter to the landlord saying in 10 to 30 days, I no longer wish to be in this lease hold, and he or she would be released without any consequences,” Eppler said.

That’s exactly what Callan plans to do.

“That does make me feel a lot better and the fact that it wouldn’t hurt us would be ideal, so it’s a great solution,” Callan said.

Since the Problem Solvers got involved, Callan said the complex is working to get her into another apartment, but if not, Callan plans to move out.

Callan started a go fund me page to help with her expenses: https://www.gofundme.com/5m8f000

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