GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — An incarcerated 18-year-old at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center faces new charges after police say he helped instigate a riot Sunday night that involved more than a dozen inmates.

Jaylin Coley has been charged with second-degree assault in custody, participating in a riot in a detention facility and inciting a riot urging group with injury.

According to an affidavit obtained by the Problem Solvers, Golden police responded to the juvenile prison where approximately half of the 38 youths were rioting. The staff issued a mayday saying, “the inmates are getting wild, trying to bust windows and kick down the doors.”

Jaylin Coley is accused of starting a riot at the Lookout Mountain Youth Services facility (Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

The incident began after a youth services guard noticed Coley and a juvenile male standing near a microwave attempting to set off the fire alarm. The guard “was aware of a similar instance in another building where the fire extinguishers were used to set off the fire alarm in the building, unlocking all the doors and allowing all youths to mingle, creating a fight.”

The guard, after fighting with the two males, was able to turn off the microwave and reported seeing batteries wrapped in paper towels inside of it.

Coley then allegedly began kicking a glass door and using a pool ball taken from the recreation building to damage it as well. Eventually, Coley used a chair to break a window so he could get into the common area. This allowed Coley and another male into a separate pod to fight with a third male there. According to the affidavit, “By this time multiple youths are involved in breaking glass, destroying items, and attempting to fight other youths.”

Two youths were able to escape the building but were later found and brought back to their rooms.

Golden police were able to restore order and placed all involved back in their rooms. Two female staff members were physically assaulted during the riot. One was taken to a hospital because of injuries to her head and the other had multiple cuts from broken glass. A male staffer was also hospitalized because of injuries to his hand while engaging the youths.

The affidavit says at least one juvenile will be charged in addition to Coley and video recordings are being reviewed to help determine possible charges against other inmates involved.