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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Neighbors on one block in Englewood say they are concerned after finding what appear to be booby traps in their alley.

FOX31 photojournalist Byron Stewart found the devices behind his house while walking his dog Tuesday morning.

“What caught my eye was this kind of dark stick. I thought it was a thorn off of that bush poking out of the snow,” Stewart said.

He says the alley is notorious for big thorns from a nearby bush so he bent down to move it to the side.

“And then I looked at it and I realized it was not off a plant or a tree,” he said.

Instead, he found what appeared to be some kind of homemade snare made of sharp metal.

“It’s like someone took five or six nails, and some of them are pretty big, like three-inch nails and wired them together real tight so that the points are sticking out like a little anti-personnel device,” Stewart said.

The balled-up metal is even painted brown, green and gray like camouflage.

“I started to look around and I found another one and another one. I found five,” he said.

Stewart alerted his neighbors and the police about the strange finding. According to Englewood Police Department, no one else has reported similar devices in the area.

Stewart says he believes it is highly unlikely what he picked up is construction debris or something similar that accidentally fell off of a passing truck.

“It was clearly made,” he said. “It almost looks like something somebody would go online to look up, like, “How do I make a nail device?”

Now, neighbors are wondering what exactly Stewart found, who put them there and why?

“Maybe to go in someone’s car tire was my first thought but I realized that it’d be really bad to go in someone’s shoe or a dog’s foot or anything,” Stewart said.

He says typically the alley is a bustling corridor for dog walkers and kids on bicycles. The fresh snowfall likely kept the alley more quiet than usual the morning the suspected traps were discovered.

“One of my neighbors described it as malicious. It’s just a really malicious act and I thought, that’s exactly it,” Stewart said.

Englewood Police has increased its patrols of the area where the objects were found.