Study: Colorado is the 2nd most prepared state for wildfires

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DENVER (KDVR) — There’s new research showing Colorado’s communities have some of the best ratings in the nation when it comes to being prepared for a wildfire.

The research is based off a multitude of factors. Overall though, when you rank states that are prone to wildfires, Colorado comes in second place for most prepared in the nation.

Analysts at looked at communities in each state and studied their fire departments, water supplies, emergency communications and risk reduction programs to determine their ISO, or fire score ratings.

ISO ratings measure how prepared an area is to respond to fires and sorts communities into classes 1 through 10, with class 1 being the best and class 10 being the worst.

When you break it all down, Colorado has eight communities that are rated class 1, 61 communities that are class 2 and 106 communities that are considered class 3.

“When we looked at the higher classes, Class 6 up to 10, Colorado had a very low number of communities that had ISO ratings of 6 and above. Which means overall, even though Colorado is second and not first, Colorado is still extremely well prepared and needs to be looked at one of the most prepared states in the country,” said Nick VinZant, a senior research analyst at

One of the reasons why Colorado received such high ratings is because the state gets a lot of wildfires.

If you live in a wildfire prone area or just have concerns in general, experts advise you take the following steps to prepare your home:

Clear any brush away from your home, make sure nothing flammable is near your home, clean your gutters, trim your trees and take other steps.

“One of the other things we found is: take an 1/8 of an inch metal screen and put that over the vents on your house and what that will do is keep the embers from any fire from getting sucked into your home and potentially starting fires that way as well,” said VinZant.

When you look at the breakdown of wildfire preparedness by state, you’ll find Colorado is pretty much tied for second place with Arizona, followed by Oregon, Nevada and Utah.

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