Spring indoor plant sales grow in Denver as new shops pop up

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DENVER (KDVR) — As the pandemic carries on, so too does the popular demand for indoor house plants in Denver.

In fact, new nurseries and plant shops are popping up all over the metro area.

Some are even seeing record sales numbers like they’ve never seen before.

“We’re seeing people get 20, 30, or 50 house plants,” said Mateo Cardozo, a store manager at Birdsall & Co. The Garden Boutique in Denver.

From vine-like plants to colorful and carnivorous ones, there are plenty of options to turn ‘staying at home’ to visiting a jungle!

“Kind of get back in touch with nature and things that we can take care of and things that we can thrive,” Cardozo explained.

With spring officially here and growing season upon us, Cardozo suggests the following tips to help make your plants thrive, like pruning them.

“So first thing you’d want to do is just kind of go through and pull away any of the dead foliage. This will stop the plant from producing all of this energy into foliage that’s just done. It’s just part of the natural habitat,” Cardozo said.

Pruning will help send the plant’s energy into new growth instead.

When it comes to repotting a plant, now is the time to do so. But if you purchase a new plant, you should give it a week or two to adjust to its new space in your home.

After that, Cardozo said you should, “Go ahead and squeeze the side of the pots to loosen up those side walls. Then from there, just grab a firm grasp all that foliage and pull out. And you can see this one here, we have a really nice wall of roots”.

When a plant is heavily root bound, that’s a clear sign it needs to be repotted.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to turn one plant into a collection of, let’s say 20, experts suggest propagating your plants.

“Go ahead and cut them in between the little node sections here to get a nice clean cut. Once again, remove any of the dead foliage that’s not doing anything for the plant. And remove some of this bottom foliage as well so you have a good amount of stem to go ahead and throw into some nice clean water,” Cardozo said.

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