DENVER (KDVR) — Many living in large cities rely on security systems for added peace of mind. The same goes for those living in rural areas.

Leilani Kirsch is developing a mountaintop property into what will be her dream home. She had a security surveillance system installed to keep her investment safe.

“It is almost more important up there because you’re far away. There’s not all the neighbors, like the Neighborhood Watch,” she said.

Although Kirsch is being billed monthly, she said things aren’t working the way they should be, “telling me there’s a person in my house and I look at the clip and it’s a cat,” she said.

Kirsch showed the Problem Solvers a surveillance video that sparked an alert, but the camera was triggered by the shadow of a blowing tree.

“I have 43 notifications,” she said. 

Kirsch said she understands that calibration issues occur, but she can’t get a final solution from local service crews.

The Problem Solvers contacted the security company’s media relations representative, who assured FOX31 that top management will step in to address the issue — something Kirsch is relieved to hear.

Consumer experts told FOX31 that with any security company, it’s important to check your contract’s fine print so you know exactly what will happen if you need follow-up service and whether or not you will be billed.