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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — An Adams County teen’s bike was stolen just days before Christmas but South Adams County firefighters stepped in to help.

Sonia Garcia tells FOX31 riding a bike has been helping her 16-year-old son Christopher get through the pandemic.

“To distract himself from being home stuck all day,” she said.

When she discovered his bike was stolen, she was immediately concerned about the effect it would have on him.

“I was angry. I was so mad!” she said.

Garcia posted a message on Facebook, warning other parents. The South Adams County Fire Department saw the post and decided to help.

Engineer Phil Martinez said, “He really wasn’t asking for a bike, just locating it.”

Still, the department had an even better idea: it decided to donate a bike to Christopher.

There were smiles and excitement when a huge firetruck featuring a holiday wreath rolled up in front of the Garcias’ home, with a brand-new mountain bike on board!

“I really appreciate it. Thank you!” Christopher Garcia said.

After taking the new bike for a spin, he described the new ride as “pretty smooth.”

Sonia Garcia told firefighters, “I was not expecting anyone to give him anything and I’m very thankful.”

When asked about what he finds to be cool about firefighters, Christopher Garcia replied, “everything.”

Before the fire team left, it was obvious that all agreed the spirit of Christmas is alive, even during a pandemic.

“It’s a pleasure to give back to the community,” Martinez said. 

Firefighter Kelsey Lowney emphasizes that community support means a great deal to the fire department, and they strive to pay it forward.

“Being able to give back to a young boy who was the unfortunate victim of someone else just being mean and careless, it’s not necessarily about the bike; it’s about helping somebody else that needs it and that’s what Christmas is about,” she said.

If you would like to support firefighter community programs, visit the South Adams County Fire Fighters Association’s website.