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DENVER (KDVR) — As larger airports continue to deal with flight cancellations, some travelers are setting their eyes on regional airports.

According to analysts at TripSavvy, flying out of regional airports is becoming a new trend.

In the past year, there’s been a rise in smaller budget carriers like ‘Aha!’ and ‘Avelo’. They’re adding more flights into and out of regional airports.

In fact, Avelo offered 50% off of flight tickets out of the Northern Colorado Regional Airport earlier this month.

“The more these carriers exist, the more option travelers are going to have when it comes to scheduling. Ticket prices are cheaper when there’s more competition so it’s kind of a win win all around. And going back to what we were saying about cancellations: having more carriers flying into these smaller airports means that you’re in better shape if your flight on one gets cancelled, you’re more likely to get a seat on another plane too,” said Laura Ratliff, senior editorial director at

Ratliff says the benefits of flying out of a regional airport include; often times cheaper plane tickets, more flexibility and more availability.

That said, regional airports are still dealing with similar issues as larger airports like Denver International Airport are experiencing right now.

Your best bet is to shop around and research each airport near you.