Should Colorado parents worry about their kids returning to class in-person this week?

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DENVER (KDVR) — A growing number of Colorado parents are becoming more concerned about the possibility of their children contracting COVID-19, as most school districts in the state return to in-person learning this week.

This includes Denver Public Schools, JeffCo and Cherry Creek, to name a few.

One of the biggest questions on the mind of parents right now: will the next couple of weeks and months be turbulent for both students and teachers?

“Absolutely I do [believe so], because we’re still learning more and more about the Omicron variant,” said Reginald Washington, Chief Medical Officer at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. “And so I think we’re going to have an up and down case rate for the next several weeks”.

The latest data from CDPHE shows among eligible 5-11 year-olds in our state, roughly 22.2% are fully immunized with the COVID-19 vaccine.

In terms of what sort of symptoms children experience with the omicron variant, experts said the following:

“The symptoms appear to be the same, respiratory, sore throat, muscle aches, cough and congestion, but kids appear to have some differing symptoms from adults. So some diarrhea and vomiting may be involved,” Dr. Washington explained.

As for whether parents should be concerned about sending their children back to school in person, health officials say classrooms can be safe places, but it depends on certain factors.

“Certainly if the school is predominately attended by unvaccinated people, that’s a concern. If the rates in the neighborhood are very high with COVID, that’s a concern. But I think in general if the school does not allow sick individuals to attend and they require everyone to wear masks, I think that’s the best you can do and I would encourage kids to attend schools given those situations,” said Dr. Washington.

Dr. Washington wants to remind parents: if your child is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, to get them vaccinated.

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