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NORTHGLENN, Colo. (KDVR) — A locally owned kid’s clothing store is looking for the public’s help in identifying two suspects who they said came into their store and stole hundreds of dollars worth of clothing. 

“It’s disheartening when you are working so hard, just to make things work and get by. To have someone do this it’s hard to keep going,” Jolene Donahue, owner of Kid to Kid in Northglenn said. 

On Jan. 22, Donahue said an older woman and younger man came into her store. She said the man came in twice without a face mask which she now believes he was trying to distract the worker at the counter. 

A few moments later Donahue said the video surveillance footage captured the man taking a mask from the store, opening it and putting it on. 

“They do feel like they can get away with different things that they couldn’t in the past,” Donahue said. 

She said other video shows the man and woman going through items in the store and filling up a large basket. She said the woman left the store with nothing in her hands, but a few minutes later the man ran out of the store with the basket full of clothes. 

“The gentleman ran to the door with a basket full of items. He ran into the kid door. It stunned him a bit. Then he ran through the big door and they took off,” Donahue said. 

She said the duo fled in a gold Ford Taurus. She said her employee ran after them and they almost hit her employee. But she said her employee is ok. 

“We hope they will do the right thing. When you do stuff like that it hurts families and it takes time away from them and hurts my employees,” Donahue said. Based off their inventory records, she estimated that the shoplifters fled with anywhere between $400 to $500 worth of clothing. 

Donahue said she doesn’t feel like they were stealing because they needed the clothing, she said she believes they will be trying to resell it. 

“If you need help or clothes there are a lot of avenues, we could send you to. But we would be happy to help you,” Donahue said.  

She said they did file a police report with Northglenn Police Department. The case number is 21-0437. If you recognize these individuals you are asked to contact NPD. 

“Let’s do the right thing and help us survive during this time,” Donahue said.