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DENVER (KDVR) – The end of America’s war in Afghanistan has been just as unsettled as its beginning. Now, days after U.S. troops departed that country, FOX31 is talking to Coloradans with deep ties to Afghanistan about what happens next.

As part of our ongoing Serving Those Who Serve initiative, we’ve produced “What Happens Now? Colorado’s Fight in Afghanistan.” It’s a news special featuring local veterans, interpreters, immigrants, political scientists and politicians, talking about the war and its worth.

We also speak with an American ally currently in Afghanistan, left behind after the final U.S. military planes left last week. He’s an interpreter, in hiding at his home near Kabul, leaving in fear of Taliban retribution for helping U.S. service members and contractors during the 20-year war. An Army veteran from Denver, Angel Guma, is working tirelessly to secure his release.

“Eventually one day he’s going to stop answering his Facebook (messages), and then that’s going to be it and I’m going to know what happened,” Guma told FOX31.

We also look at what’s changed since FOX31’s Jeremy Hubbard traveled to Afghanistan with Colorado Air National Guard reservists in 2012. We also get perspective on the war from a Denver man turned state lawmaker, David Ortiz, who was paralyzed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.