Serving Those Who Serve Serving Those Who Serve

Watch: Serving Those Who Serve special, “Valor: The Men and Women of Fort Logan National Cemetery”

Serving Those Who Serve

More than 100,000 people are interred at Denver’s Fort Logan National Cemetery, including three Medal of Honor recipients.

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DENVER — In a quiet corner of southwest Denver sits a lawn covered with white marble markers, lined up in formation.  They’re the Colorado heroes who’ve served their country, and are now interred at Fort Logan National Cemetery.

More than 100,000 service members, their spouses and their dependent children are laid to rest at this hallowed ground.

“When I see my friends that are visiting their buddies sight, it does drive the point home that this could be any service member. And there`s a common bond and common thread, among everyone that`s here. They either served, or they were married to someone who served, or a child of someone who served, so there is a commonality that runs through every single person here,” said David Roberts, Administrative Officer at Fort Logan.

In this FOX31 Serving Those Who Serve special, anchor Jeremy Hubbard introduces us to some of the heroes at Fort Logan, and the cemetery employees (many of whom are veterans) who work tirelessly to keep the grounds pristine for the families of the fallen.

“That`s one of the questions that we get so often from the families that come out here. Is they ask, ‘How do you guys get everything to line up? It looks like something the military would do and be proud of.’  It’s that mentality that gets drilled into you from day one at basic training. So it`s just a continuation of that tradition and history that we`re all a part of out here,” said Daniel Lutz, Cemetery Technician at Fort Logan.

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