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DENVER — They served their country in World War II and Korea, and helped turn the tide of history.  And they have one other thing in common: they’re all from Colorado.

Over the past five years, FOX31 has traveled more than 150,000 miles all over the world to tell the stories of hometown heroes who served and sacrificed overseas.

For Memorial Day, we’re taking a journey halfway around the world once again.

In this second installment of “Colorado’s Forgotten Heroes,” we’re traveling to China, South Korea and Japan to show you the places Colorado men served their country decades ago.  It’s part of our Serving Those Who Serve initiative.

You’ll meet Leland Stolberg of Arvada, who was part of a little-known operation in World War II, flying cargo over the Himalayas to help China defeat Japan.

And you’ll hear the story of Floyd Jackson, whose Colorado family spent years trying to get his remains identified after he died in a prisoner of war camp in North Korea.

And we’ll introduce you to two Nisei soldiers.  Part of the most decorated unit in American military history, they are Japanese-Americans who faced discrimination, even as they were helping the allies win World War II.

If you know a Colorado veteran or military member whose story should be told on FOX31’s Serving Those Who Serve segments, nominate them here to be our next Hero of the Month.