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FREDERICK, Colo — A group of volunteers helped renovate a bathroom for a local veteran in need Tuesday. The effort was led by Qualified Listeners, an organization dedicated to connecting veterans and their families to resources.

“We’re an organization in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming who helps the needs of veterans,” said Greg Goettsch, the group’s executive director.

Weld County Veteran’s Services office contacted Qualified Listeners saying a local veteran needed help.

Several years ago, a stroke left the right side of Brad’s body disabled. His bathroom’s shower was very difficult to get into. In fact, he slipped and broke his back trying to enter it about a year ago.

“I remember hitting the carpet and my back wouldn’t work. And I called 15 feet to the phone and called 911,” Brad said.

On Tuesday, many volunteers — including some from The Home Depot — joined Qualified Listeners in renovating the bathroom. In addition to replacing the shower, they replaced the floor and faucet. They also switched out the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with new units and improved the landscaping outside.