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DENVER — War. There is no way to imagine it. There is no way to describe it, unless you were there.

United States Army veteran Eli Smith honorably served, “I  was a tank Gunnar, I shot the main gun on an M1A1 tank over in South Korea. “

Smith lost good friends to PTSD, “It  really messed me up. I did not know why I felt like I failed them as a battle buddy, and just wanted to do something about it.”

Something stirred inside Smith, and he started on the mission of his life. “My mission is to raise awareness for PTSD and veteran suicide. It is to educate the public and help veterans at the same time. “

Smith is walking and biking across America. 14,000 total miles. In Colorado, he’s halfway there.

He took a couple of laps around the block for a little demonstration, but when he travels, he’s on the Interstate highway.

Besides being physically challenging, life on the road has been hazardous to his health. “Someone  tried to kidnap me, a gang in San Diego had a bounty on my head, getting hit by a car, heat stroke and rattlesnakes. I should be dead 10 times over.”

All in all, Smith says this is all worth it. No regrets.

And at the end of the day, when the TV cameras, well wishers and reporters go away, Smith says he’s never truly alone. Old glory’s got his six.

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