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GROTON, Conn. — The USS Colorado became part of the silent service on Saturday.

The 377-foot submarine has come to the surface on the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut.

Billed as a modern phenomenon, the Electric Boat built USS Colorado was commissioned on Saturday.

“It’s a true engineering marvel,” Reed Koepp, the USS Colorado’s commanding officer, told WTIC. “It is the most technically advanced of the fleet and we’re very proud of the ship and the crew.”

Lt. Cmdr. Steve Col said the 7,800-ton fast attack nuclear sub is “more complex than the Space Shuttle and ready to operate around the world.”

The USS Colorado will accommodate a crew of 138 when it deploys for missions sometime later in the spring.

The Colorado will be the U.S. Navy’s 15th Virginia-class attack sub to join the fleet.

“It brings all the leading edge technology to the fight — built right in Connecticut, the submarine capital of the world,” Koepp said. “It’s truly America’s finest.”

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