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DENVER — Some Denver-area teenagers are getting a head start on leadership thanks to an organization called the Big Idea Project.

FOX31 is proud to serve as partner in the effort. We are especially delighted to learn the organization is igniting the interest of Denver-area teens who are truly making a difference.

At 18, Dante Potter has a perspective grounded in compassion, and said, “If we could all give something back to somebody every single day the world would be a lot better place.”

After a full day of school Dante works as a manager of the Molly Brown House Events Center.

He will attend the University of Idaho on a full-ride scholarship through the Navy.

After that, he has some pretty big aspirations, “… govern my state when I become eligible age-wise and then hopefully run for president.”

Dante isn’t  waiting to serve his community, he’s making a difference now for homeless veterans, leading a team of students from Green Mountain High School.

They provide care packages with sleeping bags, rain-proof covers and all the basics to those in need.

“It is very good especially to know you’re impacting  someone who gave years of service, selfless service to provide you with freedoms,” Dante said. “The Big Idea Project was one of the best experiences as far as getting out of the classroom environment.”

He hopes to inspire other teens to join a growing movement to make a difference, by simply caring  and finding a way to bring about change. “If we could have more Problem Solvers I think the world would get along a lot better.”

Dante will be one of the featured teen speakers at the “Experience Big Idea Project” annual gala on Thursday, February 9 at the studios at Overland Crossing. Tickets are $75. If you would like to attend or support the organization visit the Big Idea Project’s website.

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