DENVER (KDVR) — “Stand down” in military terms means to rest and refit. That is also what the Denver Veteran’s Administration Regional Office is calling their event Thursday to help homeless veterans get on their feet. 

U.S. Army veteran Eural Jones showed up Thursday because he was looking for a little help. 

“The housing voucher, that’s what I would like, you know, to get a place to live,” said Jones.

Jones was not alone, dozens of other homeless veterans showed up to what the Denver VARO called the 2022 “Stand Down.”

“They don’t want to come in because they are a proud veteran, right? They served. But once they finally realize they need help and want to ask, they come here,” said Rebecca Sawyer Smith, Veteran’s Benefits Administration.

The stand down is one location that provides many services for homeless veterans like Jones. 

“They will do audiology tests today, they will do general med, they have mental health, they have examination rooms, they have all the equipment,” said Smith.

According to the Denver VA, there are roughly 500 homeless veterans living across the Front Range from Boulder to Douglas County. This is the Veteran’s Benefits Administration’s first stand down since the Covid-related lockdowns in 2020. 

“They were able to get resources here, but they certainly did not have that vast amount of partners that were helping them,” said Smith.

Jones is hoping for a voucher to stay at what he calls a good facility. For now, he says, it is one day at a time.