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DENVER — Some third-graders in Denver are using music to pay tribute to the heroes of World War II.

They’re the stars of a new internet video that honors the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack, which happened 75 years ago next month.

It’s a performance unlike any Miss Connley’s class at Park Hill Elementary has ever given.

Her homeroom has spent weeks learning the lyrics from a song that is 75 years old – “Let’s Remember Pearl Harbor“- paying homage to some guys who were actually there that day.

The project was thought up by a Denver-based charity called The Greatest Generations Foundation, a group that returns war heroes to the battlefields where they once served.

Next month, they’re taking two dozen Pearl Harbor survivors back to Hawaii to be honored for their heroics on the day America was thrust into World War II.  Tom Petso, 94, of Aurora is among those making the trip.

“Well it’s great, these kids might remember what happened years ago, that they’re meeting history really,” Petso said.

A video of their performance was posted on the foundation’s Facebook page earlier today and is starting to go viral.

The kids even invited one of the survivors — Mickey Ganitch, who was on the USS Pennsylvania that day — to sing along,

The Greatest Generations Foundation leaves on Dec. 2, returning those veterans to Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary.