GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — The American flag at the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial is set to be removed after damages to the lighting system at the site.

The lighting system was severely damaged after the recent heavy rains, and funds just aren’t there to fix it — not to mention the cost of replacing the flag regularly because of high winds.

The memorial’s foundation has already been fundraising for quite some time for a much-needed remodel of the memorial, so this added cost is too much for them.

Paula Sarlis, a Marine veteran and the president of the foundation, knows how special this site is to so many people.

“It means a lot to us veterans so we know we’ve not forgotten,” Sarlis said.

Flag a symbol of sacrifice to military families

She’s also a Gold Star wife. Her husband died while serving the country, and his ashes were spread on the memorial grounds.

The flag, of course, is a symbol of that sacrifice for her and so many others.

“People died so that we have these flags. My husband died, my brother-in-law died serving America, and there are so many millions of people who died to give us our freedom. The least we can do is keep the flags flying so we remember them and don’t forget,” Sarlis said.

The estimate to fix all of the electrical issues is $15,000.

“It’s a perfect time to remember that and to do something. It’s nice to say thank you for your service, but it’s a lot better to do something. And this is something you can do. Celebrate the Fourth of July by helping keep the flags flying here,” Sarlis said.

If you would like to help with the funding to fix the light, you can find a place to donate to the memorial here. You can also help with the remodeling project here.