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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A ranch in Loveland dedicated to helping military members heal has seen so much growth over the last couple of years, it will need more land to continue expanding.

Stillwater Ranch came to fruition about seven years ago.

“It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful,” explained Wendy Buckley, the non-profit’s executive director. “We’re lucky to be here”.

Up until last year, the ranch was accessible to all sorts of populations. But after Buckley and other board members started to see a large increase in the number of military members and their families joining, the ranch decided to focus its attention solely to them.

“We’ve gone to [just] veterans, service members and their families,” Buckley said. ” We’re growing and continuing to build what we do here with the help of our veteran community”.

The organization came up with foundational pillars to help its members who are visiting the ranch.

They include: family support, commodore, alternative therapies and education in training.

On a regular basis, military members take part in equine therapy, cigar and s’more nights and flag retirement ceremonies.

“As a veteran, there are just times when you have to get away from everything,” said Darren Koretko, a veteran and board member. “You come here and you can decompress”.

Because of the growth it has seen over the last couple of years, Stillwater Ranch is looking to move from its 10 acre spot in Loveland next year so it can help serve more military members and their families.

“Despite COVID, we’ve actually grown this year. Which is really exciting because people have needed to be here more than ever,” Buckley said.

If you’re interested in joining the ranch’s program – or if you’re interested in helping it find a new location – simply click here.