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Freedom Service Dogs help veterans suffering from PTSD

Serving Those Who Serve
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DENVER — Scrappy, a Great Dane mix and recent graduate from Freedom Service Dogs of America, was given a little treat Tuesday. He and his owner, a former U.S. Army Ranger dealing with PTSD, were given a custom made dog leash, collar and muzzle lead, all on the house.

Eddie Colon, 45, was deployed five times.

“I wanted to be a cool guy, so I signed up for the Rangers, Special Forces,” he said.

Colon served three tours in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq.  He was wounded twice.

“The second time. I stepped on a pressure plate IED, which I was lucky to walk away,” he said.

He wasn’t, however, lucky enough to walk away from the PTSD.

“People really don’t know what it is. They think they do, but they never understand it until they have a family member that has PTSD,” said Colon.

Enter Scrappy.

“Scrappy is a rescue, so, you know, I think he has PTSD also and we help each other. As much as he comforts me, I comfort him,” said Colon.

On Tuesday, Scrappy’s gifts were crafted by Bold Lead Designs in Aurora.

“We are making leashes, harnesses and collars that you’re not going to find off the shelf in your big-box store,” said Katrina Boldry, owner of Bold Lead Designs.

Boldry wanted to thank a well-deserving veteran.

“I owe a lot of what I do to Freedom Service Dogs and they wanted a way to really thank this particular veteran as well, so we got together,” Boldry said.

So after a little fitting, Scrappy was good to go.

“Now I’ve got hands-free. It’s a blessing,” said Colon. “I can do things and still have him here next to me at my side.”

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