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Bomb tech, former Navy intel specialist named FOX31 June Hero of the Month

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — He’s an expert on explosives, who helps keep soldiers and police officers safe. And he’s spent his entire career serving his country and community. That’s why Sean Dennis is being recognized as the FOX31 Serving Those Who ServeHero of the Month for June 2021.

On the list of most interesting jobs in Colorado, his has got to be close to the top. He spends his days working with the latest explosive and bomb disarming technology. Have a question about bomb robots, and he can likely answer it. Dennis is president, CEO and co-founder of the United States Bomb Technician Association. He travels the country training others in law enforcement and the military on how to handle, diffuse and dispose of deadly and dangerous explosives.

“I’ve been doing this now for about 26 years, and every bomb tech here will tell you it’s a passion, it’s hard to explain why we do what we do, but I’m glad there’s folks like us. It’s important,” Dennis told FOX31.

“We really believe in what we’re doing, and it means the world to us that we support each other,” he added.

It’s a passion that can probably be traced to his days in the US Navy, where he worked as an intel specialist.

“Went to school in Virginia, and then I got on board an aircraft carrier. I got to see the world. I was stuck inside a metal hull for my entire career in the Navy, but that’s alright. I had a good time, got to go the Persian Gulf war, did some intel work there, it was good,” he said.

Dennis joined the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office when he left the Navy.

“And then I became a bomb tech, and my baptism under fire was Columbine in 1999. And that even hooked me more, knowing how important dealing with IEDs (improvised explosive devices), rendering them safe, having that knowledge to do it properly. I got hooked,” Dennis said.

He eventually became commander of the bomb squad. Nowadays, he organizes technology training exercises all over the country, where industry experts gather to show off the latest bomb squad technology, and where local law enforcement and military members get the chance to train.

It truly has been his mission in life to keep people safe. His entire career has been spent doing good things for others. So we thought it was time to return the favor, with a little surprise. We presented him with a plaque naming him our Hero of the Month, along with a $500 Visa gift card from our Serving Those Who Serve sponsors, Plumbline ServicesFord Dealers and the Leo Hill Charitable Trust.

Dennis was touched by the honor, but like most recipients, scoffs at that word “hero.”

“It’s hard for us to even accept that title, because there are so many guys out there who’ve done so many incredible things. So many unsung heroes out there, so it’s just an honor to get something like this,” Dennis said.

To nominate a veteran, active-duty service member, military family member or volunteer for our Hero of the Month honors, visit the nomination page.

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