Safety tips for homeowners with natural gas fireplaces and appliances

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DENVER — One year ago, a woman was killed in an explosion and fire caused by a broken natural gas line in Aurora. The line was mistakenly broken by crews installing a fiber optic cable.

The Problem Solvers spoke with Todd O’Nan, who owns Gas-Xpress.

“[A] natural gas explosion is devastating it will reduce a home to splinters,” O’Nan said.

Many homes in Colorado have natural gas fireplaces.

“It’s a gas appliance that must be maintained,” O’Nan said. “It can become a dangerous situation. You can have issues with gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions. It can kill you.“

A number of other appliances — like stoves, ovens and grills — may also be fueled by natural gas.

Doing nothing is not a good option.

“At least every two or three years, there should be some maintenance done on it to ensure the proper, safe and efficient operation of the appliance,” said O’Nan.

As tempting as it may be to do it yourself and save some money, repairing a natural gas appliance is not for the YouTube warrior.

“I have been to quite a few [homes] where we got to go and clean up some problems that the people have created for themselves,” O’Nan said.

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