AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — More than 80 people are still waiting to get back into their homes after the Feb. 1 fire at the Club Valencia condominiums in Aurora.

One owner said they are waiting to receive more information about how soon their nightmare will end. Daniel Peña was not home at the time of the fire but said his girlfriend had to take desperate measures to escape the flames.

“She had to jump from the second floor down to the courtyard. She got hurt pretty bad,” Peña said.

Now, more than two months later, Peña is trying to find a way to survive.

“I’ve been living in hotels with my cousins, my sons,” he said.

Property company answers after fire

Other owners declined to appear on camera, but Peña told the Problem Solvers residents are growing anxious and need consistent information from the condo board and property management company.

FOX31 learned that as the investigation continues, crews are still working to remove contaminants and make the building safe for residents.

The property management company said owners can attend meetings and will receive continued bi-monthly written updates, but it is the owner’s responsibility to share information with tenants.

“OK, finally, I have some good news,” Peña said.

Peña did not have homeowner’s insurance. A GoFundMe is set up to help.

For those who live in an apartment building, the company’s insurance will usually cover living costs if tenants are required to evacuate.

In the case of condominiums, the homeowners association does not provide coverage. Owners must have their own insurance coverage that provides for living expenses if the property is deemed uninhabitable.