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ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — A handful of tires have been reported stolen off of parked cars in Jefferson County, with overnight thefts reported in Wheat Ridge and Arvada.

Near Interstate 70 and Kipling, Christine Wilson says she walked outside Tuesday morning to find one of her tires stripped off her Nissan Altima.

“As I approached the car, I noticed that my whole entire tire was gone,” Wilson said. “The hubcap was laying there along with lug nuts, and I just thought, did someone just steal one tire off my car?”

Wilson is a fifth-grade teacher in Aurora Public Schools and had to teach virtually Tuesday with no way to get to class.

“I was just thinking I can’t believe this is something I’m having to deal with today,” Wilson said. “It’s just upsetting, because everyone is struggling right now and it’s right before Christmas, and I just don’t have a lot of tolerance for people who steal.”

Wilson says it’s a major inconvenience and a major hit to her wallet.

“The tires weren’t even new, but they don’t sell just one tire, so you have to buy a pair,” she said. She’s estimating the cost will be close to $500.

Near 32nd Avenue and Saulsbury Street in Wheat Ridge, another driver reported all four tires being stolen. 

Arvada Police say Wilson’s theft is the only reported theft this week in Arvada.  She’s guessing someone specifically needed a new tire for a Nissan Altima but questions why her car was chosen.

Wheat Ridge Police say they’ve had a few thefts over the past two weeks but don’t believe it to be cause for concern.

Experts recommend purchasing wheel locks if you’re worried about your tires being stolen. They cost about $25 and require a special “key” to unlock the lug nuts, which can deter thieves looking to make a quick theft.