Rat and mouse season an issue for Denver metro area

Problem Solvers

THORNTON, Colo. (KDVR) — Complaints about rodents in the metro area can be common this time of year, especially in areas that are adjacent to open spaces and construction sites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports rats and mice can spread more than 35 diseases.

Residents of a Thornton property run by Four Seasons Management told FOX31 they have noticed an increase of deceased mice and rats, and droppings on the property.

“The tenants will pick them up and get rid of them and then they just show up again,” said one neighbor.

Residents suspect the rodents are coming in from a nearby open space area or a nest due to peculiar holes in the ground.

Neighbors are concerned about associated health risks.

“There’s not even a mask mandate right now but we have to wear a mask when we enter or exit our own place,” said a concerned resident.

In an effort to unblock an entrance, some neighbors have made efforts to remove the mice and droppings.  The CDC stresses removal should only be done with masks and gloves. The area must then be sanitized.

The Problem Solvers reached out to the property management company. The attorney for the group told FOX31 a pest control company is under contract and will begin the removal process soon and explained that a possible work shortage could be causing a temporary delay. Residents will receive an update on the timeline for removing the rodents and sanitizing the area.

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