Raccoons terrorize tenants of Aurora apartment complex

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AURORA, Colo. — Raccoons have become a huge problem at the Red Sky Condominiums in Aurora.

Tenants have had the animals fall through ceilings and into bedrooms. Others have had raccoon urine drip through their ceilings onto bathroom floors and counters.

“You can just hear the raccoons up in the attic, arguing and fighting, and making noises like cats when they’re fighting,” said Steve Jones, one of the several dozen residents dealing with the animals.

For Jones, cleaning up raccoon urine is a chore as routine as brushing his teeth.

“I just constantly wipe the ceiling and it gets bad. It’s yellow from the raccoons,” said Jones as he demonstrated the problem in his home.

Jones’ attic had chewed-up mattresses, gnarled shoes and raccoon feces.

The infestation isn’t isolated to Jones’ unit. Several residents are battling the animals.

A man named Ron said he used to be a maintenance worker at the complex. He said he was constantly receiving calls about raccoons.

“The raccoons have always been a problem here. It’s all over, in every building, in the attics, the raccoons are living everywhere,” he said.

A large raccoon could be seen hanging out on the roof of one of the buildings.

Neighbors have called the property manager, Hammersmith Management, repeatedly for months to complain. So far, no effort has been made to solve the problem.

“They tell me it’s normal and it’s OK, and that’s coming from property management maintenance,” Jones said.

The city of Aurora conducted an abatement at the property in October to clean up garbage and debris.

Several violations noted by the city in August also resulted in a summons to court to deal with a host of issues, including outdoor storage, trash, debris and exterior maintenance.

The owners and management of the property have been ordered to appear in Aurora Municipal Court on Feb. 12.

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