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EDGEWATER, Colo. — Yvette Casias is current on her rent but found herself locked out of her yard and apartment due to a rent hassle with her landlord.

We told you about the woman and her ‘locked-out’ status this week and now after the FOX31 Problems Solvers got involved with her attorney and Edgewater Police, the woman and her daughters are back inside their unit near Sloan’s Lake.

“We can’t believe he has been in our apartment while he kept us locked out,” said Casias. “He changed the locks, removed our couch, boxed up much of our property and it looks like he was going to put our stuff out on the curb.”

Casis says police told her that her landlord went on line to find a ‘quick evict’ form. He downloaded the document and was using that to ‘quick evict’ her. But, police said that was not a legal document and what he had done was also illegal. So, they called the landlord and ordered him to bring in a set of the new keys, so the family could get into the unit.

While the family says they are upset about what has gone on this week, they hope to get the unit fixed up for the holidays. Yvette Casias says she is not sure if she will stay in the unit until next August when her lease is up.

“I just don’t know if I can feel safe here, knowing he has keys and can come in when he wants.”

She says police suggest her asking for a restraining order against the landlord to keep him out of the unit, unless an officer is on scene. But, for now, Problem Solvers help again!