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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — A FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation is getting results for a Castle Rock family, seeking justice for their 19-year-old daughter.

Castle Rock police and the Douglas County coroner ruled Holly Moore’s death a “suicide” in March of 2015.

In November, a FOX31 investigation raised serious questions about the cause of her death.

Now 6 weeks later, Castle Rock police chief, Jack Caule, has agreed to transfer Holly’s Moore’s case to the Colorado Bureau of investigation, “the police chief called me and said we agree, the case needs further investigation,” Holly’s father, Ray Moore told Investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat.

CBI has agreed to review the case and do DNA analysis on evidence the Castle Rock police recovered from the scene, “all of a sudden there might be hope for Holly to get justice,” Ray Moore said.

Ray and Holly’s 23-year-old sister, April have been fighting for justice for more than 9 months, ever since their beloved daughter and sister was found hanging in her Castle Rock apartment, her death ruled a suicide.

But Ray and April never believed Holly would take her own life, despite “the totality of the evidence,” which Castle Rock Sargeant Tim Ratcliff said led investigators to determine it was suicide.

Ray Moore hired independent forensic medical examiner, Dr. Selma Eikelenboom, who determined there were injuries on Holly’s body, including a blunt force injury to her chin and a broken collar bone, that could indicate a violent struggle before Holly died.

Eikelenboom’s team also found “suspicious stains” in Holly’s bedroom that appeared to be blood and body fluid. Eikelenboom said it also appeared the door the bathroom closet, where Holly’s body was found, had been wiped off.

Photos from the crime scene.
Photos from the crime scene.

Douglas county coroner, Jill Romann, who is not a doctor, refused to consider the evidence discovered by Eikelenboom. Instead, in a closed door meeting with the Moore family following the FOX31 investigation, Romann questioned Eikelenboom’s medical training and credibility.

But on Monday, Castle Rock police chief Jack Cauley called Ray Moore to inform him of his decision to send Holly’s case to the state for further analysis, “this is a big deal in the state of Colorado because this almost never happens,” Ray said.

Ray and April CBI’s review and DNA tests could lead to the answers they’ve been seeking, “I believe they will find out that we were right, April Moore said, “but I will never feel good until the person who hurt my sister is behind bars.”

Ray and April believe there are 3 persons of interest, including her ex-boyfriend who witnesses say was physically and mentally abusive towards Holly.

The Moore family is thankful to all of the people who have helped and supported them, in and especially grateful to Robert Wells, from the organization, “Families of Homicide victims and missing children.”

The Castle Rock Police Chief declined Heidi Hemmat request’s for an interview, a city spokesperson said he will not be issuing an official statement at this time.

The Moore family is asking for donations through a memorial Facebook page: the Holly Lynn Moore Memorial Foundation.