Problem Solvers: AAAA TV owner arrested, charged with fraud

Problem Solvers
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CENTENNIAL, Colo. — A Centennial Repair Shop owner faces up to 6 years behind bars after a FOX31 Problem Solver’s Investigation led to his arrest. Muhammed Murib made his first appearance before an Arapahoe County Court judge on felony charges related to his business AAAA TEVA (TV Electronics Vacuums Appliances).

Murib took a short walk at the courthouse to hear the long list of charges against him including theft, fraud, forgery and tampering with evidence. The 63 year old business owner did not enter a plea to Judge John Scipione during his first appearance.

The charges are a result of a FOX31 Problem Solver investigation that revealed Murib was ripping off customers at his repair shop on South Holly.

Customer Randall Simon said, “It’s pretty blatant fraud.” Simon is one of hundreds of alleged victims that say he was over charged.  Simon was charged $899 to repair a long list of items, including a main circuit board, on his amplifier.  The manufacturer of the amp confirmed a main circuit board does not exist and an inside source showed Simon’s repair actually cost under $40.

FOX31 sent a producer with a computer monitor into the store for our own repair.  The monitor had a bad cable, but we were also charged for a circuit board we did not need.  A work order confirmed the only repair to the monitor was to a cable which the technician fixed for free.

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We heard from dozens of viewers who claim they were cheated too. So many complaints, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s department launched its own investigation. The Colorado Attorney General’s office also investigated allegations of wrong doing and ordered Murib to hand over years of customer records.

We heard Murib was tossing out records and found dozens of documents in the dumpster behind his store. Investigators believe Murib was destroying eveidence when we confronted him in the dumpster.  He is also accused of deleting all the repair orders that were stored on his store’s computer.

Court records show Murib’s own employees told Arapahoe County Sheriff investigators that “Murib ripped off” every customer and “lied” to “increase their bill.” The documents show if a customer refused to pay, Murib would order his technician to “unfix” or even “cut a wire” so the item would not function.

He was investigated for theft and racketeering charges related to his repair business in the 90’s, but the case was dismissed.

UPDATE: The Attorney General’s Office is asking any victims who have not filed a complaint with their office to contact them.  The AG’s consumer line is 800-222-4444. 



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