DENVER (KDVR) — Meghan Trejo cherishes spending time with her 4-year-old son Matteo.

“I love my son with all my heart,” she said.

Trejo is also pregnant and struggling with a disability, which makes constantly cleaning up after mice and other pests a burden.

“I can do laundry and they will climb the basket and they will put their feces all over it because they’re looking for food,” said Trejo.

Trejo showed the Problem Solvers one of several holes where the rodents are getting into her home at the Miramar apartment complex.

She said, after complaining several times, an onsite manager sent her a notice demanding that she move out in 60 days.

“It makes you feel furious, you’re not given a reason, there was nothing in the notice saying this is why we’re telling you to get out,” said Trejo.

The Problem Solvers reached out to Miramar’s corporate headquarters in California and shared the information, along with receipts that show Trejo has paid her rent on time each month.

Company officials investigated the case immediately and issued the following statement to FOX31:

“We have reached out to the resident and after completing a full investigation the employee is no longer with us.“

The notice that said Trejo’s lease would not be renewed was also canceled.

“I can’t tell you guys enough how grateful I am,” Trejo said.

The Problem Solvers also brought the case to attorney Don Eby of Robinson & Henry, P.C., who explained that tenants have rights.

“[The rights include] not having to live with pests, a property must have a working lockable door, [and] it can’t have broken windows,” Eby said.

Eby added that employees should expect company policies to be enforced.

“That company may terminate that property manager or take other employment action against that individual for exceeding their authority or acting outside of the rules,” said Eby.

Many property management companies are now providing tenants with complaint hotlines to report misbehavior by onsite staff.

Trejo was contacted directly several times by Miramar’s headquarters. A spokesperson told FOX31 her concerns will be addressed.