DENVER (KDVR) — Denver’s hot weather, followed by several days of cool temperatures, causes the pavement to expand and contract. The result can be breaks in the pavement and potholes.

Potholes cause drivers who hit them an average of $300 worth of damage.

Krystal Jory told FOX31 that she hit a large pothole in the eastbound lane of Alameda Avenue between Tejon and Lipan streets.

“I had actually never seen a pothole that big before,” she said. Her Lexus went into the repair shop and came out with a large repair bill.

“It was around $505. It was the alignment as well as the tire,” Jory said.

Jory filed a claim with the City of Denver and received a written response from an adjuster, who said her claim was being processed.

The city advises anyone who sustains damage from a pothole to call 311. Reports are sent directly to crews and scheduled for review and repair. Most potholes are filled within 48 hours, weather permitting.

The first thing to do is document the damage and keep track of repair bills.

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s website says crews usually have between 48-72 hours to fill reported potholes or drivers may be able to claim damages based on negligence.