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DENVER — Healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing Coloradans.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers continue their in depth coverage of the 2018 election with interviews with the candidates.

While FOX31 has an outstanding request with Republican Nominee for Governor Walker Stapleton to discuss his healthcare agenda, Friday we spoke with Democratic Nominee Jared Polis at a Cancer Survivor Campaign Event in Denver. Dianne Primavera, Polis’ LG running mate, celebrated her 30 anniversary of first being diagnosed.

Medicare for all

Polis continues to be a supporter of “Medicare for All” which is the idea that more Americans should be able to access the government run healthcare coverage program that currently is reserved for seniors.

The idea however was not mentioned in his first 100 days in office agenda – nor was it discussed during his cancer campaign event.

“I didn’t hear the topic today – Medicare for All. Is that no longer a top priority in the Polis Healthcare agenda?” FOX31 Reporter Joe St. George asked.

“Medicare for All is something I support nationally,” Polis said.

“Not at the state level?” St. George questioned.

“Well Medicare is a federal program – we want to make sure we keep Medicare in tact for those who need it,” Polis said.

Polis’ campaign clarified following the interview that he still supports a state or regional solution to the program. Polis said during his interview “as a state we are certainly not going to give up until everybody has some basic level of care but we have to do it in a way that every Coloradoan gets to keep more of their paycheck at the end of every month.”

Import drugs from Canada

Polis’ 100 day agenda includes a commitment to pass legislation allowing Coloradans to import drugs from Canada in order to save money.

Vermont has passed a similar piece of legislation, but the federal government has yet to allow the program to start since importing international prescription drugs remains a federal issue.

“Why propose something if the federal government is showing reluctance?” St. George asked.

“We are willing to take on this President or any President in Washington to save Coloradans money with prescription drugs – it’s really outrageous we are getting ripped off,” Polis said.

Other healthcare issues

Polis’ 100 day agenda also includes a commitment to strengthen the state’s Division of Insurance  to combat rising hospital costs, expand mental health availability, and work to lower premiums in rural Colorado.