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DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado Bureau of Investigation crime report shows there were more than 200 robberies in the Denver area this year alone. Forty percent involved firearms.

Police say crime tends to increase during the warm weather months.

Denver Police Department Division Chief Ron Thomas tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers firearms should be properly stored in the home, not in cars.

“We’re particularly concerned about the continued rise of people stealing firearms from vehicles,” he said.

Thomas adds that leaving garage doors open while doing yardwork and other projects can send the wrong message to criminals.

“That just leaves an invitation for people to kind of walk in and have access to the interior of your home,” he said.

The same goes for propped open windows and unlocked doors.

So-called “porch pirates” will often wait and watch to see when packages are delivered to homes or apartment mailrooms then steal them before the owner can collect their delivery. Thomas tells FOX31 “some of those things are better picked up at the post office or the FedEx office.”

It’s also a good idea to avoid displaying your name and address or unit number on public sign-in sheets and apartment directories.

Landon tells FOX31 random vandals caused expensive damage in his neighborhood.

“This COVID thing is awful and then to slash our tires and to cost a thousand dollars of damage,” he said. 

Denver Police tell FOX31 it is important to report crimes and alert neighbors through a neighborhood watch group and apps that allow safety notifications.