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DENVER — Over the past few months David Zamarripa has gotten used to seeing Lime green bikes in Aurora. He just can’t get a handle on seeing Lime green bikes dumped into a huge pile in a Denver scrap metal yard.

He sent a picture of a pile of the Lime-brand bicycles at Denver Scrap Metal north of Interstate 70.

The Problem Solvers wanted to take a closer look, sending a drone above the area and spotting the remains of lots of bicycle spokes, wheels and frames.

A security guard  told us the company had received a letter of destruction from the Lime Company.

The company sent us a statement saying the bikes are damaged and are being recycled because they are beyond use and repair.

“Sustainability is at the core of our business, which is why we recycle parts of our products when they are beyond practical use and work with charity groups to donate any bikes that are reusable. We also work closely with sustainability experts to assess bike and scooter lifecycle, and will continue to establish ways to further enhance our efforts around sustainability,” Lime Bike spokeswoman Mary Caroline Pruitt said.

It’s just the thought of those Lime bikes on a scrap heap that is leaving a bad taste.

“Honestly I’m disappointed. They could have donated those bikes to the Boys & Girls Club, or help someone in their daily lives,” Zamarripa said.