Options hunters can use to bring their meat home from a hunting trip

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DENVER — Colorado attracts hunters from around the world, Including many who are new to the sport.

This time of year, you’re likely to see a hunter’s catch in the back of a truck on Colorado’s roads.

While some hunters prefer to carry their catch uncovered while transporting it to processing facilities, others opt to make the catch less obvious to other drivers by either placing the animal behind the gate of their truck or quartering the animal before they venture home.

FOX31 looked into available options and learned using game bags and other products benefit hunters looking to avoid health hazards and preserve the quality and taste of the meat they bring home.

To learn about the best products on the market, FOX31 consulted Bass Pro Shops.

Sean Dooley, an expert in the hunting department, explained game bags are used after an animal is quartered.

He said the bags are helpful in cooling the meat and therefore preventing the growth of bacteria, “you want to keep your meat clean.”

Bass Pro Shops carry a wide range of products to fit every budget, some even have safety features like reflective material. If you are considering using a tarp to cover an animal, there are precautions.

Dooley explained, “You wouldn’t want to wrap your quarters in a tarp because that’s going to hold in the heat thus increase the bacterial growth.”

For more information about hunting in Colorado visit the Parks and Wildlife website here.

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