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DENVER — Another violent attack on the 16th Street Mall was caught on camera through a fourth-floor apartment window. The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers first exposed the growing violence in the heart of downtown Denver, and now after the latest show of violence a Denver man is speaking out and hoping for a change.

“Here we go again, another night of chaos right outside my window,” Terry Darnell thought as he captured an a man being knocked unconscious with cellphone video.

The altercation occurred just before 11 p.m. Wednesday near 16th and Stout streets. The Denver Police Department said it is difficult to say whether the attack was caused by urban travelers, but for Darnell, it has become a scene that is all-too-familiar.

“I knew to grab my phone in order to call police or capture some footage in order to get more awareness,” he said.

Darnell is a sixth-generation Denver native and lives along the 16th Street Mall.

“I’ve known these streets to be safer than they are now,” he said. “I remember as a kid I used to stroll down these streets.”

But he said the recent string of violence has him thinking twice about being on the 16th Street Mall during late night hours.

“Now it’s so frequent that it’s almost expected and that is sad,” Darnell added.

Police said patrols along the mall have increased, and Darnell has noticed a difference.

“They’ve definitely had more police presence,” he said. “They’ve been out here with bicycles, they’ve been out here with Segways, they’ve even been out here with ATVs.”

Darnell is hoping that by sharing the latest video of violence on the 16th Street Mall it will help bring a positive change.

“I really do want to scream for help,” he said. “But I also know that it is something that continues to reoccur.”

Police said they responded to the situation as soon as they got the call, but the group broke up by the time officers arrived.

They have reviewed their halo video footage from cameras along the street but as of Friday night no victim had come forward, and no suspects had been identified.