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DENVER (KDVR) — New research shows working from home is impacting Colorado parents’ mental well-being in two very different ways.

It turns out there’s a split between work from home moms and work from home dads.

A new study from McKinsey & Co. found dads are loving the remote lifestyle, but moms – not so much.

When it comes to boosting their well-being, the research shows 71% of dads say working from home is helping improve their mental health.

The report goes on to highlight that moms are more than three times as likely to pick up most of the housework and childcare during the pandemic, compared to dads.

“That’s certainly an alarming discrepancy between the two. When you think about just the added workflow that was required on households in the last year, it’s been a year unlike any other. And if that load isn’t being evenly divided and it’s taking on by one person, not only does it impact the physicality of the day to day, but there’s this huge burden on cognitive load as well,” said Dr. Justin Ross, a Clinical Psychologist at UCHealth.

Dr. Ross says this includes the amount of information each parent must know, the to-do lists and planning and thinking that contributes to making sure the household runs effectively.