DENVER (KDVR) — A heads up if you’re looking to earn some extra money during the holidays: Scammers are using trusted job search sites to target those needing part-time work.

The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to those seeking work online.

FOX31 spoke with one victim, who did not want to share her identity. She is being targeted by scammers operating fake ads on

“I’m on unpaid maternity leave, so I was trying to find something remote just until I went back to work,” she said.

The new mom found a remote data entry clerk position that even offered a $300 signing bonus. After being hired right away, she received a check with instructions to use the funds to pay for equipment that would be needed for the position.

After depositing the check, she sent the money to what the company called a “Denver office.” The check looked realistic, even bearing a watermark.

The hopeful employee then learned the check bounced, leaving her to pay the full amount and NSF fees equaling $4,500.

“I wonder how they can really live with themselves since they’re scamming people,” she said.

Friends have set up a donation fund to help the new parent during the holidays.

Avoid scams on jobseeking websites

Consumer experts warn anyone looking for employment online to closely monitor the employment process.

The Problem Solvers found is aware of the scams, putting check scams at the top of their watch list, along with money laundering and reshipping scams. The website features links to additional tips and a process for reporting scams. warns that job seekers should ask for an in-person or video interview, research the company name and email address (and examine addresses for misspelled words) and never pay a fee to get a job.